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Return of the Empire Podcast

The Return of the Empire podcast hosted by Nate Littlefield and Amiliano Fragoso is a San Francisco 49ers podcast following all of the latest news and storylines in the Bay Area. Thank you for listening to a Sactown Sports podcast. Follow us on Twitter and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
June 7, 2024

Episode 52 - Schedule Release & Mini Camp

Amil recaps the 2024-2025 schedule release and talk mandatory mini camp.   (32:24)
May 2, 2024

Episode 51 - Post Draft Gold

Nate and Amil recap the 49ers 2024 draft picks after all the hype has died down. Will Ricky Pearsall replace one of the star recievers? Or is he just more fuel to the 9ers fire? T...   (46:59)
March 27, 2024

Episode 50 - Starting Over (Again)

Nate and Amil are back to review free agency for the 49ers. They break down the latest with Brandon Aiyuk potentially leaving in a trade and what is to come in the draft.    (38:31)
February 16, 2024

Episode 49(ers): Super Bowl Heartbreak + Steve Wilks Firing

It's Amil and Kyle Ledbetter back for one final live show on Sactown Sports to wrap up the 2024 season. Amil and Kyle take a deep dive into the Super Bowl, where the 49ers played ...   (58:07)
February 3, 2024

Episode 48 - The BIG Game (Preview)

This week Nate and Amil are on location in Las Vegas to cover the Super Bowl. They break down everything leading up to the big game and what to expect come kickoff for Super Bowl 58.    (55:12)
January 30, 2024

Episode 47: 49ERS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!!

Nate and Amil are BACK after the San Francisco 49ers clinched a trip to the Super Bowl by beating the Detroit Lions in the NFC Championship Game!!!! Detroit Lions vs 49ers Recap ...   (57:51)
January 24, 2024

Episode 46: 49ers NFC Championship Game?? Stop "Lion" To Me....

Nate and Amil RETURN following the San Francisco 49ers victory in the Divisional Round against the Green Bay Packers (Check out Nate and Amil's LIVE Postgame from Santa Clara...   (58:54)
January 11, 2024

Episode 45: 2012 49ers vs 2023 49ers

We have a VERY special episode on this week's Return of the Empire... Brad from sfniners joins Nate and Amil during the San Francisco 49ers 1st Round Bye. Brad, Nate and Amil deba...   (01:03:35)
January 5, 2024

Episode 44 - Nap time

This week, Nate and Amil are not live, but they are lively! They recap the win over the Commanders and how the 1st seed was won. There is also a dive into the amount of players aren't playing and how rest should be handled.    (38:48)
December 27, 2023

Episode 43: Wayward in Washington after Christmas Baltimore Beatdown

Nate and Amil return following a brutal Christmas Night defeat for the San Francisco 49ers against the Baltimore Ravens 33-19 Injury Updates for the 49ers after practice on Wedne...   (52:03)
December 13, 2023

Episode 42: Bird is the Word

Nate and Amil are BACK following the Seattle Seahawks Victory, meaning they are one win away from completing the 5-0 run against all the Bird teams across the NFC!!!! Tyler Drake...   (56:26)
December 5, 2023

Episode 41: 49ers Rock Philadelphia, Seattle Seahawks Week Part II

Amil and Nate return following The Empire's Dominant victory against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday!!!! Nate has an in-depth breakdown of the game and Deebo Samuel talking tras...   (51:47)
December 1, 2023

Episode 40: 49ERS VS EAGLES WEEK!!!!!

Nate and Amil return (on a Friday Night) to talk about 49ERS VS EAGLES WEEK!!! The biggest game of the 49ers season is set to take place this Sunday, and we've got a whole lot of ...   (01:02:07)
November 14, 2023

Episode 39: The Buc Stops Here in Santa Clara

Amil and Nate are BACK Following the San Francisco 49ers DOMINANT 34-3 Victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. They've got all the breakdowns from the game, plus discu...   (50:46)
November 7, 2023

Episode 38: Jumpstart the Defense vs Jaguars

Nate and Amil recap what happened on the 49ers Bye Week in the NFC West and the Cowboys/Eagles Game, then the 49ers Return from Bye Week with Chase Young making his first appearan...   (51:48)
October 31, 2023

Episode 37: Bye Week Blues, Chase Young Trade

The San Francisco 49ers lost their third straight game.... What do Nate and Amil think about this loss and where the 49ers go next on Defense. Larry Kreuger Joins the Show to bre...   (51:41)
October 25, 2023

Episode 36 - Sad Mode

Welp, another loss for the Niners. That is two in a row if you are counting. Nate and Amil break down the current state of this mediocre 49ers team that is loaded with talent.    (51:22)
October 17, 2023

Episode 35 - Bounce Back Week

The 49ers Dropped their first game of the season on Sunday vs Cleveland. So what happened?? Nate and Amil are here to break down the game, look ahead to Week 7, and start figuring...   (59:09)
October 11, 2023

Episode 34 - The Dawg Pound

Amil and Nate recap the phenomenal win over Dallas for the Niners and what they potentially will look like with a new piece. They also disect the matchup with Cleveland next week.    (59:37)
October 4, 2023

Episode 33 - There is a New Cowboy in Town

In this weeks wild episode, Nate and Amil discuss Brock Purdy's and CMC's record breaking game against the Cardinals. PLUS they get into one of the most important matchups for the 9ers this year!   (58:10)
September 27, 2023

Episode 32 - The Levi Experience

This week Amil and Nate recap the Thursday night win for the 49ers over the Giants. They touch on Ronnie Bell's first NFL catches, preview a divisional week 4 matchup, and talk about this team's current health status.    (59:36)
September 19, 2023

Episode 31 - Christian McCaffery Takes a Giant Step

Welcome back, Empire Fans!!! Nate Littlefield is on our PUP list, so it's Amil and Kyle Ledbetter breaking down the 49ers Victory in Week 2 vs the Los Angeles Rams, and previewing...   (53:02)
September 13, 2023

Episode 30 - The Steel Niner

This week, Nate and Amil break down the 49ers massive week 1 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. They touch on who stuck out to them the most in a positive and negative way and preview the week 2 matchup against the Rams.    (57:02)
September 6, 2023

Episode - 29 Here we go

This is Nate and Amil's first live show on the air. They break down the Nick Bosa contract situation and preview week 1 against the Steelers.    (56:53)
August 31, 2023

Episode 28 - Continuous Chaos

Nate and Amil recap their suprises when it comes to the 53 man roster for the 49ers. They break down what they like and what they didn't. Amil also expresses his insight on some comments made by Kyle Shanahan this week about 49ers Qbs.   (48:33)
August 23, 2023

Episode 27 - Trottin' out of Denver

This week Nate and Amil recap the preseason week 2 matchup against the Denver Broncos. They also try to predict who will make the Niners roster by the 53 man cut. At the end of the show they take on some breaking news regarding Trey and Sam.   (01:10:57)
August 15, 2023

Episode 26 - Wake Up Call

Nate and Amil recap the 49ers week one preseason game against the Las Vegas Raiders. They touch on who stood out to them as well as where the areas of major concern could lie for this team going forward.    (43:55)
August 9, 2023

Episode 25 - See you in Sin City

In this episode Nate and Amil recap training camp so far and their experiences there. They touch on all the QB drama and who has stuck out to them so far before the 49ers head to Las Vegas for preseason week 1.   (46:14)
July 18, 2023

Episode 24 - So close, yet, so far...

Amil and Nate recap the top player lists so far from coaches and execs around the NFL. Just how many 49ers are on there? A lot. See our website for privacy information.   (57:43)
June 11, 2023

Episode 23 - We play catch up

Nate and Amil are back after a short break to get into everything that has happened with your 49ers in the past couple weeks. See our website for privacy information.   (48:44)
May 11, 2023

Episode 22 - Who we got?

Amil and Nate break down the 2023 schedule for the 49ers right after release. See our website for privacy information.   (58:07)
May 6, 2023

Episode 21 - The clean up crew

On this weeks episode, Nate and Amil discuss the undrafted guys that the Niners  picked up. They also touch on the controversy surrounding Brock Purdy, Sam Darnold, and drafting ...   (37:44)
April 29, 2023

Episode 20 - The new kids in town

Fresh off the 2023 NFL draft, Nate and Amil dive into what happend, not just with the 49ers, but the draft as a whole. Amil gives his in depth analysis of the new guys in SF while...   (01:04:54)
April 18, 2023

Episode 19 - The cream of the crop

Kyle Ledbetter joins Nate and Amil to talk draft prospects and some recent moves around the NFL.See our website for privacy information.   (01:09:52)
April 12, 2023

Episode 18 - The Mock Draft

Amil and Nate go through their own version of a mock draft to discuss players that stand out to them.See our website for privacy information.   (41:33)
March 24, 2023

Episode 17 - Only Time Will Tell...

On this week's episode of the show, Amil and Nate wrap up free agency and discuss their favorite stories of the offseason. See our website for privacy information.   (38:42)
March 18, 2023

Episode 16 - Tinkering with the Empire

Amil and Nate look at the wild free agency that has happened so far. This includes the massive signing of Javon Hargrave and another QB to add to the chaos. See our website for privacy information.   (01:01:01)
March 11, 2023

Episode 15 - Introducing another wild offseason

Amil welcomes his new Co-host Nate Littlefield! The pair get into QB talk of course, as well as talk about some major shakeups around the NFL.See our website for privacy information.   (34:09)
January 20, 2023

Episode 14 - From rival to the next..

On this week's show, Jay and Amil look at last weekend's beat down of the Seahawks and preview this weekend's matchup with Dallas.See our website for privacy information.   (19:28)
January 13, 2023

Episode 13 - It's Wild Card Saturday!!!

Jay and Amil look at Christian McCaffrey's being snubbed for both the Pro Bowl and AP All-Pro teams, last week's thrashing of the Cards, and a look ahead to this weekend's Wild Ca...   (30:35)
December 16, 2022

Episode 12 - The Niners are NFC West Champs!

Jay and Amil discuss last night's division-clinching win for the Niners!See our website for privacy information.   (23:16)
December 9, 2022

Episode 11 - Brock or Brady?

Jay and Amil discuss: The Brock Purdy era begins! Arik Armstead's effectiveness last week against the Dolphins There is no way Tom Brady ends up with the 49ers next season... rig...   (23:36)
December 2, 2022

Episode 10 - Welcome back Arik Armstead! Oh, and Miami friends...

In this episode, Jay and Amil discuss: The return of Mike McDaniels, Raheem Mostert, and Jeff Wilson Jr. to the Bay... Discussion on injuries plaguing the 49ers; Arik Armstead re...   (26:15)
November 18, 2022

Episode 9 - The 49ers are going to Colorado... To play a road game... In Mexico... In front of their fans!?

A recap of last week's weird win against the Chargers Why the 49ers might have chosen to NOT go to Mexico City early... Injury report A preview of Week 11's matchup with the Cards See our website for privacy information.   (32:25)
November 11, 2022

Episode 8 - A heart-breaking injury to Verrett; should the 49ers blowout the Chargers?

On this week's show, the guys discuss: The gut wrenching injury to Jason Verrett How will Kyle Shanahan use all his weapons? The 49ers SHOULD blowout the Chargers... See our website for privacy information.   (22:28)
October 28, 2022

Episode 7 - Shanahan's new toy and a dose of "Ramitussin"

What happened last Sunday against KC? Christian McCaffrey is Shanahan's latest toy; how will this change the 49ers offense? Injury update? A preview of this weekend's matchup with the Rams in LA See our website for privacy information.   (22:01)
October 12, 2022

Episode 6 - The Niners biggest rival is... TURF!?

In this week's episode, JayMarZZ and Amil discuss... The turf continuing to injure 49ers starters The Jimmy G/Kyle Shanahan relationship Who steps up on the D-Line with Bosa, Arm...   (24:38)
October 7, 2022

Episode 5 - A dominant defense and a would be Panther at QB?

On this week's episode, JayMarZZ and Amil discuss... The 49ers beat the Rams... AGAIN Nick Bosa is the early favorite for "Defensive Player of the Year" Reinforcements are coming...   (22:00)
September 29, 2022

Episode 4 - It's time to play the "blame game" in San Francisco...

On this week's episode, the guys discuss... Sunday's miserable loss to Denver Jimmy G's poor performance, Kyle Shanahan's poor play calling The injury bug hits the 49ers in a bad...   (21:00)
September 23, 2022

Episode 3 - Jimmy G is back!

In this week's episode, JayMarZZ and Amil Fragoso look at: Jimmy G reassuming QB duties The future of Trey Lance Is criticism of Kyle Shanahan in-regard to the Lance injury fair?...   (24:45)
September 15, 2022

Episode 2 - Is 0-2 on the horizon for the 49ers?

On this week's episode, JayMarZZ and Amil look at: A quick look back at last week's loss to the Bears How do we evaluate Trey Lance? A preview this weekend's matchup with the SeahawksSee our website for privacy information.   (21:57)
September 7, 2022

Episode 1 - Looking ahead to Week 1 in Chicago

In the premiere episode, JayMarZZ and Amil look at: The biggest storyline headed into this season for San Francisco Breakout starts on offense and defense A preview of the 49ers W...   (31:39)