“Super Tuesday”

Mar 4, 2020, 9:56 AM | Updated: 9:56 am

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(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

With Super Tuesday on minds across the country, we here at KHTK’s The Drive thought it important to get to the bottom of the issues…….the REAL issues.

All morning long, we canvassed our polling places and booths all over the Greater Sacramento area to get to the bottom of what’s on the hearts and minds of sports fans in the area.

We got started with an easy one, should the Astros be “taxed” for their 2017 title? Your answer was clear:

No surprise here. Unless you’re in Houston or your name is Fred Astros, you know they need to be punished, even more than they have already. Maybe the biggest upset is that 14% said no, but then again national studies show that 14% of people are stupid… that’s about in line.

Next up: Tom Brady and his whereabouts next season:

Surprisingly, TB12 was a ballot measure only barely passing. Most pundits figured it would fly though unobstructed, but a late push from voters in Las Vegas was almost successful.

On to our first Kings related issue of the day:

Gotta tell you, this was bungled from the beginning. The Buddy Hield camp really dropped the ball on this one. Virtually no one had Bogi as the starting guard in the offseason, as Hield’s approval rating was through the roof after signing his extension last summer.

And to be honest, the Bogdanovic camp didn’t really do anything special here. They just stayed out of the news and didn’t make any big mistakes, while the Hield campaign really fell all over themselves. Our first real surprise of the day, and it wasn’t particularly close.

Next up, The Playoffs:

Voting with the heart, and not the head is certainly a familiar refrain. Certainly if this issue had been brought up in Memphis, Portland, or New Orleans- the Kings  would’ve likely finished last.

But here in Northern California? No problem. The odds-on favorite (the Pelicans) came in a strong second, and interesting that the current leader for the 8 seed (Memphis) gets no respect. Should change their names to the Memphis Dangerfields.

The turnaround is great, but our next ballot measure aims to assign credit, not an easy task:

De’Aaron Fox is the clear winner here, but the real story might actually be the other three measures. There’s little doubt that Fox is the head of the snake, and he rightfully deserves the most credit for the recent run.

But Harry Giles went a month without being put in the game. His option wasn’t picked up. Somehow, he fought his way through and became a major factor in the Kings’ recent uptick. Really the story of a well run, not well funded campaign.

Also worth noting that Luke Walton and Vlade Divac combined for 40% of the vote, which is impressive considering their approval ratings have been abysmal most of the season. Our analysts show in exit polls that some of those votes may have actually been votes for Kent Bazemore, Alex Len, or in Walton’s case Buddy and Bogi. Yet it still is fairly surprising to see both reputations locally on the upswing so quickly. That’s what winning does.

Finally, the great jersey color debate:

Not much to say here. The red jerseys didn’t even qualify for the ballot, which should tell you something. They should be buried in whatever grave the gold jerseys are buried in.

Rightfully so, the disgusting Baby Blues were blown out with only 8% of the vote. Literally a mistake color, for some reason kids and sneakerheads seem to hold on to this monstrocity.

The black jerseys definitely have a cult following, and should likely be the alternate. Royal Blue was helped tremendously by some early season wins.

But the clear winner, and what should be the TRUE primary color of the Sacramento Kings, was purple.


That’s all from the KHTK Super Tuesday Election HQ. Join us this November, as we take on the largest of large issues, on a more national scale.

I’m Carmichael Dave………..K H T KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY


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“Super Tuesday”